Viktoriya specializes in multilingual design with a focus on the Cyrillic and Latin scripts. She designed, consulted and contributed to a number of typefaces and has been engaged in multiple international collaborations.

Since 2017 she is a member of Darden Studio, NY. Since 2015 she has been a regular collaborator of swiss type foundry Lineto. Since 2010 she teaches at Type Design Studio at the University of Arts in Poznań together with Professor Krzysztof Kochnowicz, while also teaching at School of Form and participating in other educational projects.

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LL Grey Cyrillic and Cascadia Code were awarded with Special Mention Prizes at 12th Granshan Type Design Competition. 


Cyrillic design for LL Prisma. The release at Lineto is scheduled for 2023.


Viktoriya has been collaborating with Aurèle Sack on LL Grey Cyrillic.

She has also been working on Cyrillic design for Cascadia Code Italic typeface, and consulted on Cascadia Code, a monospace typeface created for use in Terminal on the Windows operating system. Collaboration with Aaron Bell, Saja Typeworks. Publisher: Microsoft.


Birra Saison has won a Certificate of Typographic Excellence by Type Directors Club. It was published by Darden Studio along with the video to celebrate the release.


Following her thorough diacritics review of Team77’s legendary LL Unica77, Lineto commissions Viktoriya to revise diacritics and punctuation for both families, LL Unica77 and LL Unica77 Mono (as well as Mono LowCaps).


Viktoriya becomes a full member of Darden Studio, New York based independent type design studio.

She designs the new widths for studio’s Omnes with support for Latin and Cyrillic. The extension adds 54 new styles to the family.


Typographer in residency at the Museum of Art and Crafts Ditchling. The residency program was concieved by the museum and British Council UK.

Since 2016, Viktoriya has been developing an educational typeface for the blind, called Maria Theresia, which she currently refines in the frame of a PhD project.


Cyrillic design for Cornel Windlin’s custom typeface LL Alpha Headline comissioned as a part of a new identity of the Eurosport channel.

In the same year Viktoriya starts to collaborate with Darden Studio. In 2015—2017 she contributes to the studio typefaces such as Jubilat and Halyard.


Viktoriya starts to collaborate with swiss studio NORM in 2012, while consulting the Cyrillic version of their corporate typeface for Swatch watches. In the futher collaboration, in 2014 she also draws new ‘Heavy Italic’ cut for NORM’s classic LL Replica (2008), and from 2015 becomes a regular collaborator of Lineto.


After graduation Viktoriya published her first typefaces Armata, Capriola, Fjord One, Kavoon, Fruktur and Passero with an american type foundry Sorkin Type. The fonts were made available via Google Fonts and can be still found in the catalogue.


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (now University of Arts) in Poznań, Poland, Viktoriya has been running the University’s Type Design Studio with Prof. Krzysztof Kochnowicz ever since, while also teaching at the School of Form.


Viktoriya meets Sebastian ♡


Born in Simferopol, Crimea.


Darden Studio
Cornel Windlin Studio
Christian Mengelt / Team77
Nova Type Foundry
Rosetta Type Foundry
Saja Typeworks
Sorkin Type
Stephan Müller
Studio Aurèle Sack


2021 Polish Graphic Design Awards
2019 Ukrainian Design the Very Best Of
2019 Art of Packaging
2018 Polish Graphic Design Awards
2016 Polish Graphic Signs


2022 Touch Me, What Inclusive Design Can Do, Designlabor Gutenberg, Mainz
2021 Lem, International Variable Type Workshop, online
2020 Typorozmowy, Rondo Sztuki, BWA Wrocław, ASP Wrocław
2020 Hasztag Wilda, Spot, Poznań
2019 Encontro de Tipografia warm-up, Porto
2019 Kroje Conference, Warsaw
2018 ATypI Antwerp
2018 Polish Graphic Design Week, Bratislava
2018 Wrocław Type Forum
2017 TypoBerlin
2017 TypeKyiv
2016 Typostammtisch Berlin
2016 ATypI Warsaw
2015 Kyiv Arsenal


2021 PJATK Warsaw
2019 ESAD Porto
2018 Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava
2018 Vilnus Academy of Fine Arts in Klaipeda
2016 Ditchling Museum of Art and Crafts
2016 Warsaw Types
2016, 2015 Kopublikacja, Dizajn BWA Wrocław
2015 Kyiv ArtiYa


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the 41st Annual of the Type Directors Club
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